About The King's Code

Rising Up As A King... A King Unto The King Of kings.

What Is The King's Code?

The King’s Code is a systematic approach to helping men break free from purposeless living and take their God-given position as a king on this earth and rule & reign in their marriage, family, business and life.

The King’s Code is a movement of men that are taking their faith, family, production & health seriously.

We are men that live by the code… The King’s Code!

The King’s Code is the #1 Training & Coaching system for Christian Businessmen & Leaders. We train men how to rise up as a king, a king unto the King of kings and lead their family, staff, loved ones to greatness.

Have you have been surprised (and frustrated) that one or two areas of your life seem to be on fire, yet another areas is falling apart?

What makes it even more frustrating is, you stop what you are doing to focus on the area that is falling apart, only to have the areas that were on fire are now falling apart too!

Here is why this happens….

Most men live in a state of being one-dimensional, maybe two-dimensential living… Here is an example of a two-dimential man.

  • Wealthy, yet overweight.
  • Ripped, yet broke.
  • Great dad, terrible marriage.
  • Spiritually on fire, yet can’t provide for his family.
  • Healthy & Wealthy, yet clueless about what God has called him to.

Can you relate to any of this?

Most men living this way, live in a constant state of either boredom or burnout. Simply because most men can’t get out of the two-two-dimentional living, so there focus is always on two primary areas of life. Which is why something will always be falling off and falling short.

Because most men find themselves in this pit of despair, we have a systematic approach for not only getting out of the pit of despair and mediocrity, but also to rise up as a king and truly start leading and living with purpose.
Our framework starts with the foundation of what we call the Q4, which consists of Faith, Family, Production & Health.

About Paul Cooley

Paul Cooley is the founder of the King’s Code, which empowers married businessmen to be the men God has called them to be and achieve lasting results in their Faith, Family, Business & Health.

The Framework Paul teaches was birthed through trial and fire during a very dark time in his life.

Paul is also a husband, father, preacher, coach & podcaster. He is married to his wife Kristy and has 4 wonderful kids!

King's Code - Paul Cooley