Empowering Men To Rise Up As Kings In Their Faith, Marriage, Business & Life.

Unlock The Keys To The Kingdom And Transform Your Marriage, Business & Life The Way God Intended.

The King’s Code is a systematic approach to helping men break free from purposeless living and take their God-given position as a king on this earth and rule & reign in their marriage, family, business and life.

The King's Code is a movement of men that are taking their faith, family, production & health seriously.

We are men that live by the code... The King's Code!

Our Framework For Success Is Built On 4 Quadrants





If you are wanting to make significant impact and real improvement in the areas of your faith, your relationships, your health, your business and the finances of your life, there is no better investments towards achieving those targets than participation in a full KING CODE CHALLENGE.
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Will You Accept The Challenge?

The King’s Code Q4 Challenge is based of what what was recently discussed at King Camp 2018. In this Q4 challenge, you will focus each day on each one of your quadrants in your realm. Including having a power hour. In this challenge, you will be met with other kings that are doing the exactly same challenge. Inside you will access live-streams, posts and pictures from each other. You will be challenged and encourage as you rise up as a king unto the King of kings.

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Empowering men to rise up and rule & reign in life as a king.

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