Empowering Men To Rise Up As Kings In Their Faith, Family, Business & Life.

Discover The Keys To The Kingdom And Transform Your Marriage, Business & Life The Way God Intended.

The King’s Code is a systematic approach to helping men break free from purposeless living and take their God-given position as a king on this earth and rule & reign in their marriage, family, business and life.

The King's Code is a movement of men that are taking their faith, family, production & health seriously.

We are men that live by the code... The King's Code!

Our Framework For Success Is Built On 4 Quadrants





Not only did going through this program help me avoid divorce, but completely restored my marriage in a very short period of time that I was not expecting.
The King’s Code not only helped my marriage, but it has helped me in many other areas of life. I highly recommend this program for the Christian man.”

– Ryan

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Empowering men to rise up and rule & reign in life as a king.

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